St. John's Wort Therapy Oil


Apothecary No. 2103

Our St. John's Wort Oil is a very unique product. We have an experienced Master Herbalist that hand picks the blooms from the St. John's Wort plant on St. John's Day every year and hand infuses them into organic olive oil over a period of 8 weeks to eventually achieve this amazing and gorgeous red oil. The healing properties of this oil are too many to count, but it has been used historically to reduce itching from bug bites, soothe burns and wounds, and as a tonic for sprains and sore muscles. Note: St. John's wort is safe and effective when applied to open wounds

What I'm Best For: Burns, Wounds, Sore Muscles, Bug Bites

Scent Experience: Herbal

Directions: Apply sparingly to affected areas or place a few drops into bath water to soothe irritated or burned skin. Not to be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. Discontinue use if allergic reaction occurs. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV light after use. For external use only.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Wildcrafted St. John’s Wort Flowers, Vitamin E.

Size: 2 oz. | 59ml

Customer Reviews (2)


My niece recently got a cut on her forehead and we were afraid it might scar. I gave my sister my St. John's Wort Therapy Oil and she combined it with my Wonder Tonic (also amazing!). She applied the combo a few times daily and her wound healed quickly with no visible scarring. I've also had relief from mosquito bites using this product. Highly recommend! Amanda Murray

"must have" product for radiation therapy

I recently used this product during radiation therapy with the permission of my doctor. I had breast cancer and daily radiation treatments to my right breast. I used this on the affected area in between each session and at the end of 33 sessions, my skin had no burning, scars or redness. The doctor was amazed! i would recommend this to anyone going through radiation to prevent burning and peeling and to keep the skin healthy! Amy B.
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